The course progettual always more articulated with the increase of the technologies risk to do passerby in second plan the work created for the development of the idea. Our group produces the development of the idea still with the actual creativity and sensibility molding the functionality of the digital was on the requirements of the users.
For us is necessary to produce elaborate that it conjugate the technical information and an easy to use of the project also to customers without experience of the area. We promote our ideas wanting to feer a covincing sight of the model, before this it comes realized, considering the environmental impact of the object introduced in the environment that will accommodate it.
Not except for mattering it is the supply of a netric calculation estimate to supply the general contractor to analyze the difficult financial operations that often persuade to very onerous mistakes.
Company structure

Gianluca Perazzini
(Professional preparations from 1989)

Svetislav Martinovic
(Professional plan from 1985)

Bogdan Slavica
(Professional plan from 1985)
Business structure

Architect Bogdan Slavica
Director Perazzini Gianluca
Architect Svetislav Martinovic
Architect Dusan Arsenovic
Architect Milena Jovic
Business translator Ljubov Makevic
Accounting administration Nicoletti Loredana